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Travis Turner


Travis Turner, also known as "Little Tor 'T' is a Canadian film and television actor, voice artist, rapper, songwriter and singer. Turner who began his career in show business at the age of 6 had always dreamt of working with some of the mega stars in movies and music that Travis was exposed to at a young age.
While channeling his passion for the arts into a full fledge career, Turner's first major gig was a recurring role in the science-fiction dramam Caprica. Later he
got a role in the film Confined, alongside Battlestar Galactica star Michael Hogan. In 2005, Turner got an award for outstanding male performance in a supporting role at the Alberta One Act Festival.
Since moving from his home town of Oliver to Vancouver, Turner has appeared in multiple films, including Scars, Henchin and Snow Tramp, which were shown at various festivals, including the Tao New Mexico Mountain, New Zealand Mountain, Vancouver International MidForms, New Media Festival 2009, Made in Vancouver and the highly regarded Hollywood North Showcase.
Aside from some taking on substantial rolls in feature films and TV series including Easter Bunny Blood Bath, Teletoon's Tower Prep, Fairly Legal and Supernatural, Travis has recently made a significant splash in the hip-hop music scene while receiving the support of Creative BC and the Province of British ACCOMPLISHMENTS Columbia to Create is full length LP appropriately entitled "T".


Travis Turner
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